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Disgust, shame, anger… but above all confusion: how is population forced to accept the unacceptable where the most repulsive situations blend into normality and the world goes blind.

Further to the 2011 uprising in Egypt, the country drowned into a rapid and deep financial crisis that culminated by the Egyptian pound being devaluated in 2016 to half of it’s value pre 2011.

The tourists have deserted the country, creating a huge increase of unemployment while inflation is rampant.

The poorest are the first touched by economical crisis and in Egypt they do represent 90% of the population… millions of people.

As a direct result, children are dropping out of school to work and help their families while malnutrition is on the rise.

 In a decade from now, if no solution is found to get the country our of poverty, these millions of children will be uneducated, malnourished adults and will represent the new generation of Egyptians.

This body of work is dedicated to the Egyptian youth, trapped in a huge economic crisis and an extreme social repression, growing with no future. 

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