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Going South

In Egypt, where my blood is from, I traveled south…

I needed to be closer to the sun. I was looking for a warmer place. I wanted to be with people who see the sun everyday, people whose skin has darkened filled with all that sun, I knew that every single place, every single thing I will see there would be filled with that sun, I knew the South will give me this infinite warmth I badly needed, not to be bathed in but more inundated by, so I traveled south….

Going south of Egypt, life only exists by the borders of the Nile river.

Many tiny villages have been lining there for hundreds of years waiting to be destroyed to give space for archeologist excavations to extend, or for modern hotels to be build.

Going south I met the sun I was looking for and the people filled with it… every place I went felt timeless while I knew it could be the last time I see it.

I photographed to keep this warmth I needed so badly with me.

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